Why my book was not sold successfully and tips every Author should know.

Why my book was not sold successfully and tips every Author should know.

Most of you know that I have published a book “Keep Away Your Back Pain” last year. If you haven’t heard of it, let me give you brief highlights. This book is basically for a person who suffers from Back Pain. It contains various methods and strategies to treat as well as to prevent back pain.

I started working on this book when I was doing my intern in Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital. And continued developing in the first year of my career as Physiotherapist in Mongar Hospital. It took more than two years of hard work and burned the midnight oil.

I am not praising myself but seriously, it probably is the best book in the market. Written in very simple English and full of pictorial guides with every step. For once I thought it might get 100 thousand copies sold and earn lots of money. I was whacked.

I could not even sell a thousand copies and did not get enough to pay the printing bills.

What was wrong?

I have spent this whole year finding out what was my mistakes and what are the tricks behind it.

I realized that good contents alone are not enough for successful marketing.

1. Book cover design

My front book cover was awful. And without professional look, it did not deliver the first impression very well.

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In this digital world and with millions of other competitors, you should not be saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” anymore. It is an expired version. And especially if you are a newbie author. Today everyone judges by its cover.

There are two options, either learn to design by yourself or hire a professional one. There are thousands out there who are willing to design your book cover at just $5.

I use sites like Fiverr and Canva which provides a wide range of options for the book cover design. Both offers in cheaper rate as well as a professional look.

You can contact me if you like my book designs and want to order from me. I am cheaper than Fiverr at the moment and it includes three covers. (2D front cover and two 3D in a different angle.)

2. Building audience

Until and unless you have already published a book, you need to work on building audience way before you start writing your book. Your regular audience will definitely buy your work as they know your contents already.

Apart from my friends, I did not have any audience. So I managed to sell few copies of my book “Keep Away Your Back Pain.” Though they were not a back pain patient but they bought it as they were my audience and supporter.

So if you are planning to write books or sell anything, build your audience first. There are plenty of ways to do it, but most effective and easier one is to open your own website and write blogs on it.

This lets your website visitors know your work. And you can even discuss and advocate your book on your website. You can showcase what you are capable of and what is your field of specialty. You can convince your work and tell them why they need to buy your book. I can guarantee, by seeing your name and website on your book, they won’t question themselves to buy it.

Let me give you an exercise. Question yourself. Who is your favorite author? What kind of genre they write? How did you know him/her? How often do you read their work? How many his/her books did you buy? Why did you buy? Did you wait for their work to get published? Did you save money to buy their books?

To get to the point you are his/her audience.

I should have opened a website, written blogs, let them know who I am, how I deal with back pain, what are the latest news regarding the health care, and build up an audience. My books would have been sold already to my audience way before I announced publish.

If you are convinced enough that you need a website for your book, I personally recommend BlueHost and Siteground. And if you want to cut down some expenditure, you can opt for ipage, they offer website hosting in reasonable rate.

3. Conversation and Engagements with the audience.

“I have written a very good content and included every tips and trick one need to know about back pain.”

How uncool it sounds right. It is more of like one person point of view. I never understood my audience, never asked what they expect from the book, and what more information need to be added. I just scribbled words that I wanted but not what audience need.

Who is important to market your book successful? Is it you or your audience? Definitely, your audience right? So you need to discuss, talk and engage with your audience.

After knowing my mistakes from my first publication, I have created a separate page for my blogging website, ask questions to my Fans and reply every comment on my website. I personally email my readers sometimes just to know their suggestions and expectations. I call them and meet over a coffee to engage with my readers. This really helps me to come up with the solutions and contents that are more focused for my readers.

4. Finding the perfect time for the publication.

I published my book in summer. The season when a person suffers lesser back pain. If I have published in winter, the season when more people suffers back pain I would have sold more copies.

You need to study your readers, their emotional status, seasons, their life schedule and financial status as well.

If you have written a comedy book and published in mourning period, can you sell?

The love story at the time of war?

The tragic story during celebrations?

So, allow some time for yourself, find out the perfect time, find out the emotional status of your readers, when do your readers stay financially stable.

Wrap Up!

You may think writing a book/novel is difficult, but more than that marketing your book is very difficult. But with right strategies you can become the next successful author.

Opening up a blogging website is the first step, write good contents, share to your readers, build up your audience and market your book with a good plan.

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