Why You Must Get Off Social Media and Start Making Money Online

Why You Must Get Off Social Media and Start Making Money Online

Why You Must Get Off Social Media and Start Making Money Online

Let’s begin by answering some questions.

Why do people spend so much time on social media?

Instant gratification.

It’s quick “entertainment”. 

Why don’t people start making money online?

Because it doesn’t happen overnight.

They want success tomorrow.

No one wants to wait.

If the results aren’t quick, they ignore it.

I used to be the same way.

I quickly realized this behavior wasn’t getting me anywhere.

So I took responsibility for my success.

I stopped wasting time on social media.

I researched ways to make money online.

Little by little, I succeeded.

The money began coming in.

What will happen 5 years from now to people who spend ALL their time on social media?

They’ll be living the same life.

And that’s OK if you’re 100% satisfied with your current results.


For those who want more…

What will happen if they spend the next 5 years working on their internet business?

They’ll quit their job.

They’ll be earning a livable income online selling eBooks and services that help people.

One more question…

What’s the purpose of this article?

To motivate YOU to make money online and give social media a rest.

Let’s not waste any time and get this party started, shall we?

Eliminating the social media habit

Ask yourself the question below.

Be 100% honest…

What has social media done to add value to your life?

Sure, it entertains you when bored.

But it doesn’t make you a better person, improve your health, or put money in your pocket.

All it does is rob you of productivity.

Time spent on your news feed could be dedicated to your online venture.

Your news feed will ALWAYS be there.

Whatever someone post today will be there tomorrow.

But your success won’t be there tomorrow.

The longer you wait the longer it takes.

However, wait too long and it’ll be too late.

So how do you eliminate the social media habit?

You just do it!

As soon as you get the urge to look at your news feed, you don’t give in.

Instead, you look at your online business.

This won’t be easy.

Many people will not do it.

And it’s that same reason why only a few will succeed.

In the moment, looking at your news feed will be the more tempting option.

Can you fight the urge in order to create massive success for yourself?

How to begin making money online

There are many ways.

One of the FASTEST is downloading my eBook Mr. $100.

But to begin earning a couple extra bucks, just read all of my free content. 

Visit my Blogging & Money section.

Whatever method you choose doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that you take action and start TODAY.

When it comes to the internet, one of two things is happening:

  • You’re putting money in your pocket
  • You’re putting money into someone else’s.

To join the people earning money, start working.

Stop looking at social media.

Don’t go out this weekend.

Don’t “catch up on Netflix”.

Lock yourself in your room and study all my money articles.

Make a plan and commitment.

Most importantly – follow through.

It’s that simple.

How to use social media the right way

Social media isn’t always the enemy.

How you decide to use it determines if it’s a good or bad thing.

One good thing is the ability to reach many people with your message. 

As soon as I finish writing this article, I can post it on Facebook and have 100s of people read it.

Instead of posting pictures of your lunch, post your website link or an article you wrote.

People rather read something that will add value to their lives than see pictures of your protein shake.

Trust me.

Social media can either put a TON of money in your pocket or keep you from earning any.

I’m not telling you to delete all your social media accounts.

I’m telling you to check them a maximum of once or twice per day.

…Not every five minutes!

You can keep your social media and earn money simultaneously.

Do things right.

Be smart.

Take responsibility for your success.

You can thank me later.

Talk soon,


PS – Download my NEWEST book “How To Make $100 Every Day On The Internet” because it’s going to show you my ALL my proven ways to make money online.

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Why You Must Get Off Social Media and Start Making Money Online
Why You Must Get Off Social Media and Start Making Money Online

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