Why You Should Not Interlink All of Your Websites?

Why You Should Not Interlink All of Your Websites?

A common question asked by many webmasters is that whether they should interlink their own websites or not.

Valid Reasons For Interlinking Your Own Websites?

Well, there are many valid reasons where you may want to interlink your own websites. For example:

  • You have different website version for different countries.
  • You have smaller websites around one big topic. On each smaller website you are covering a sub topic for certain reasons. As all websites are related, it makes a sense to interlink them.

Negative Intentions While Interlinking Your Own Domains?

Suppose you have 50 different domains. Each domain is a crap and spammy website with recycled content. You have got 20 articles and spinned them 50 times and then posted them on all of your 50 websites. Usually these types of websites are made to manipulated Search results. You target different versions of your target keywords on different versions of your websites.

Usually these types of websites are supporting websites. These websites are interlinked in a systematic manner, so that link juice flows from low quality spam websites to one high quality legit and money making website. This is also called a blog network to manipulate Google search rankings.

link juice flowing image
All spammy websites in a network are interlinked and also linked to one authority and money making website.

I Understand What is this All Interlinkg – Should i Do it or Not?

Well, the short answer is NO. Whether you want to do it with good intentions or bad intentions, you should not do it. The reason is that Google cannot judge your intentions. Google search is a computer software that gives results on the basis of certain input signals. If it is getting same type of signals from good and bad users, it will show same result unless there is a way to distinguish between good or bad.

So when you are interlinking your own domains, you are sending a signal to Google that may be you have created a blog network to manipulate search results. And once your website is penalized, it is usually very hard to recover and convince Googlers that your intentions were not bad.

So i highly recommend you not to interlink your own domain names for the sake of your own safety.

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Why You Should Not Interlink All of Your Websites?
Why You Should Not Interlink All of Your Websites?

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