WooCommerce Boost Sales – Upsells & Cross Sells Free Download

WooCommerce Boost Sales – Upsells & Cross Sells Free Download

WooCommerce Boost Sales stimulates the purchase of customers with the products up sells, cross sells. Increase revenue as well as profit for your website, stores. WooCommerce Boost Sales allows you to:

  • Up-sells: Display popup related products after the customer Add to cart.
  • Cross-sells: Show combo, product group with lower price that customer can buy.
  • Bundles Product: group many products into a combo that can be lower price.
  • Allow discount with a fixed amount

Up-sells on Category page

Up-sells on Single product page

Cross-sells with Bundles Product on product page


  • Product Bundles: Creating product combos then sell at a discounted price.
  • Sync with WooCommerce: Sync Up-sells products with WooCommerce system.
  • Show popup Cross-sells products: Cross-sells are bundle products that instead of buying a product costumers can buy a bundle product contain the product they’re going to buy.
  • Show popup up-sells products: Up-sells are products that related to current product added to cart.
  • Works on mobile: Woocommerce boost sales work on mobile devices as well. You can choose to turn it on or off on mobile devices.
  • Discount progress bar: A progress bar to show how much costumers need to spend to get the discount. You can enable or disable it. (Operator base on coupon discount of WooCommerce system).
  • Customize discount progress bar: You can customize the position, color, background, description, and messages of the progress bar.
  • Show how much to reach discount: Support users know how much they have to pay to achieve the discount.
  • Select the coupon for discount: You need to create new coupons for this plugin that choose a coupon from WooCommerce for the discount.
  • Thanks to customers: When a customer achieves minimum for the discount, a “THANK YOU” will be sent to them. Or you can turn it off.
  • Customize checkout button: Customize text display, text color, the background color of the “Check out” button.
  • Automatically direct to checkout page: Allow automatically redirect to checkout page after a chosen time.
  • Customize up-sells pop up: Choose pop up style, how many products appear on the pop up.
  • Enable or Disable Cross-sells: You can turn cross-sells on or off.
  • Choose which pages Cross-sell appear: Hide cross-sells on the archive page, display Cross-sells on Cart page, Checkout page.
  • SPEED:Plugin uses Ajax technology. Pop up will be loaded when costumers add products to cart
  • Easy to use: Friendly interface, very easy to use.


/**1.2.2 - 2017.11.30**/
- Fixed: Responsive

/**1.2.1 - 2017.11.25**/
- Fixed: Remove class bounce
- Fixed: Thank you page
- Fixed: Default color
- Fixed: Load items of manager cross-sells page backend

/**1.2.0 - 2017.11.20**/
- Fixed: Out of stock
- Fixed: Button Ajax
- Fixed: Button Color
- Fixed: Price with tax
- Added: More options
- Rebuild: All options

/**1.1.5 - 2017.10.16**/
- Fixed: Get coupon in fields file.
- Fixed: Remove view cart button on Upsells
- Fixed: CSS of boost sales
- Added: Coupon with multi currency

/* - 2017.09.26*/
- Fixed: Unbind body JS

/**1.1.4 – 2017.09.18 **/
- Added: Option label related products in up-sells popup
- Added: Variation on Cross-sells
- Added: Auto update
- Fixed: Discount process bar
- Optimized: Get option

/**1.1.3 – 2017.09.07 **/
- Fixed: Responsive popup up-sell and cross-sell on mobile.
- Fixed: Image product holder deprecated.
- Added: Custom background and color for cross-sells popup

/**1.1.2 – 2017.07.01**/
- Fixed: Remove navigation popup of up-sells product when number of product is not enough to fit slide
- Fixed: No product chosen in exclude product when select show upsell product according to category
- Fixed: Conflict CSS Flex slider
- Fixed: Reset query

/**1.1.1 – 2017.06.14**/
- Fixed: Ajax search Exclude product option in Upsell setting page
- Fixed: List name product in cross-sell and up-sell

/**1.1 – 2017.06.13**/
- Updated: Add cross-sells product directly on cross sell page and automatic generate product Bundle
- Added: More style for popup up-sells product
- Fixed: Exactly cross-sells product price on cart page
- Fixed: Remove deactive free version
- Updated: Support link in setting page
- Fixed: Item per row and max item per row on up-sells product.
- Fixed: show product of category (up-sells product) in single product page.


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