Your 7 Missteps That Will Make You Finally Quit Blogging

Your 7 Missteps That Will Make You Finally Quit Blogging

I am sure you didn’t have taken any of these missteps.

So don’t let your heart sink after reading the title of this post.

But you may any of these wrong actions if you don’t know how they would lead you to an utter failure.

In whichever field you are these are the wrong strategies of eventual failure.

Usually procrastination, losing heart, inconsistency and impatience are the common reasons of quitting.

But now these are so common reasons and people avoid them very shrewdly by fully overcoming them.

So these common reasons of your quitting are no more your problems. You can tackle them easily because you can get much stuff on how to beat them.

quit blogging

It is a fact that reasons of anything grow with the growth of a given field. Blogging now is much different from its beginning.

Now only following patience and consistency is not sufficient to become a successful blogger. Now you need to do a lot and equally need to avoid a lot.

Now basic thing is strategy.

How you are blogging is more important than how much you are blogging.

All these missteps also relate to your strategy and to your mindset.

So be aware of them and check if you have taken or want to take any of them. If it is so get rid of them not by just rejecting them but by following a strategy to be away from them.

If none of them you have taken, even then remain alert because you don’t know how they may creep into your mind and you can’t realize it.

All these are the missteps or your wrong actions that eventually could lead you to worst blogging failure. So you have to either quit or pretend to be quite successful while doing something else to meet your expenses.

1. Starting second blog without succeeding in first one

Many active bloggers have more than one blogs. Their energies and resources are divided into many. So most of them have so many mediocre blogs.

Exceptions are always there like Neil Patel. His most of the blogging skills are matchless.

Also he works with a team and from the very beginning he has Hiten Shah as his partner.

Also he partnered with Jon Morrow to make his blog Kissmetrics successful.

But those bloggers who work individually or by outsourcing a few chores don’t have all their blogs quite successful.

The worst thing is that they even don’t have their single blog successful apart from having a few mediocre ones.

They usually have one blog with earning a little higher while so many others with quite small earnings.

What to do?

So think several times before starting your second blog. Do confirm if you want to hide the failure of your first project into the second one or you really need to start your second blog.

You need to start your second blog when you come to know your first blog is not your cup of tea. So the best option is to either close it or sell it.

Obviously it will not be sold at higher price if it is so you would have been running it yourself.

So instead of selling a failing blog in peanuts many bloggers run it without any purpose and start the second one also.

Many of them falsely announce that after big success of their first blog now they have started the second one.

Though people do understand that after big failure of their first blog now they are trying their luck once again by starting another blog.

There is no reason to hide your failure if you really believe failure is the tonic for success.

Many bloggers while running their first blog make so many hollow claims because they can’t make their heart to declare they failed and simply announce they are now going to start their second blog.

Failure is not a crime so you need not to hide it.

Anyone can fail and very frankly those who fail eventually must succeed. If you think your friends and colleagues would take your failure negatively you need to change your company of friends.

They will not help you grow your second blog as well. They are simply spectators so forget about them.

What to do more?

Explore new world for you and start your second blog by vocally announcing you could not have made your first blog successful and so you are venturing another one.

Still if you have any confusion when you should start your second blog you can contact me through contact page to discuss your issue in detail.

2. Becoming hyper social in offline world

Earlier just publishing contents of all types on your blog was sufficient to be successful. Then after stiffening of competition it was suggested to do networking to grow your blog at fast pace. It was the era of networking online.

After further growth in competition it was advised to do networking offline as well. From there the bloggers conference, bloggers meet kind of things were introduced.

Just imagine when Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger and Daniel Socco of Daily Blog Tips were struggling, were they also meeting that much frequently. Many of them haven’t met with each other for years.

quit blogging

But now every Jack and Smith kind of blogger is quite active in networking in offline world. They offline meet another blogger to get any help that they can easily get online.

Once a blogger asked me to meet him and guide him personally. When I asked him why he was insisting to meet me he said he had a problem which he wanted to discuss with me.

On my querying he told me the problem and I suggested him some actions and he solved his problem without meeting me offline.

What to do?

So instead of getting hyper social in offline world just hoping to have some big secrets from pros it is better to focus on your work and be worthy of invitation from them.

I know when first time I met with one of the top bloggers of my country he coldly shook hands with me and didn’t even look at me. But now he never ignores me whenever I talk to him on any social media.

3. Not leaving it to people to decide if you are a pro blogger

It is good to believe in yourself. But it is equally good to believe in what you actually are. If you judge yourself what you are then what people would decide about you? So let people decide what you are.

Overall people decide on merit. Especially in business world people buy everything on merit. So they will buy your products or your services on merit. They will visit your blog once on your invitation and then on merit.

Your merit could be your tool to convert them or your high quality contents or both of them.

Once you get huge response from your target audience you could be called a pro blogger. Whether you declare it or not you will become a pro blogger once you make your living with it.

Obviously you could make your living with your blog once people trust you and massively buy your products and services.

If you declare that you are a pro blogger without making your full time living with it what does it mean?

It means you are an expert blogger and not the pro. People want to follow pro bloggers. They want to learn blogging from those whose full time profession is blogging.

What to do?

So just promote your contents, your skills, your success stories and your income reports. Leave the rest to people and they will declare if you really are pro.

Obviously you are or you are going to be one day very soon. So wait till you become a pro blogger and don’t make haste declaring it prematurely.

If you tell about yourself a tiny lie and it later on is revealed to public then you have to rebuild your trust. You may need months or years to rebuild your trust. People don’t put their money at risk by believing in a liar.

So be cautious while claiming to have or achieve anything. Be it success or money or fame. Everyone knows now fake income reports can easily be created with a little jugglery. So take trust of your audience on you as your biggest achievement.

4. Looking at others more than normal

It is good to take inspiration from others. It is equally good to adopt good habits of others. But looking at them most of the time could make you lose your personality.

You instead of becoming YOU, will forget what you really are. And may become a shadow of someone else.

It is a fact that you can never be exactly like someone else. This could be called copying or imitating but not following someone great.

So instead of looking at a few successful people look at so many people. Rank their qualities and pick the best one of them instead of just sticking to one successful person only.

Else you would lose your identity and people would take you a shadow of someone else.

What to do?

In the beginning you can fully follow one person who you think is the best one in your field or niche. By the time you would build your own style and just be referring that person as your first godfather.

It is ok but trying to be exactly like someone without building your own style would never let you be successful in your field.

quit blogging

So eventually you have to quit or become just another blogger. Am I correct? Do give your views on my point of view.

This is my point of view not a theory or divine sermon. You can outright reject it in comments section that is fully opened for you.

5. Pretending to be an expert after meeting so many experts

A crow can’t be an eagle by just joining the company of eagles. This is the gist of this point. You should meet as many successful people of your field as you can but should not forget what you really are.

Maybe you are also growing fast but not exactly like fully successful people do. Even if you are quite successful your success level won’t be like those who are your inspirations.

Making so many successful bloggers as your friend does not mean you are also as much successful as they are.

If it reflects in your writing style then it instead of engaging your readers with your blog will disengage them.

Also you may not struggle harder if you think you are as successful as those you met with. It will hamper your passion to be great in your field.

What to do?

So do meet with pros but clearly be what you are. Ethically it is not necessary – though it is – but it will hit your image as blogger.

Arrogance or slight shadow of arrogance can take you into the deep ditch of being just another blogger.

6. Wanting from people take you as you want

People can listen to you but will not believe in whatever you are saying to them. They would believe in what would benefit to them. Else they will decide by observing, by testing and seeing an evidence.

So you may declare in which field you are expert but it is your audience that would decide if you are great in that field or not. They will first check your work in that field.

If you want people accept you as SEO king you need to prove it by bringing massive traffic on your blog. If with limited traffic you are advising others how to bring huge traffic they will not believe in you.

Maybe you are creating great contents on traffic generation tips. So they may take you as great content writer but not as great SEO content writer.

If you keep insisting people to take you as you want they may stop following you. Eventually you would see big drop in your visitors and followers.

So you simply be just another blogger who is not quitting to just avoid the stigma of failure.

What to do?

So don’t insist your readers how you want to be taken by them. Your work will better guide them what you are for them.

So focus on your work instead of convincing people about your excellence. Your work will speaks of your excellence if people really like it.

7. Wasting no time to cross the limits with any one

Online community is strongly connected community. It is not like any offline community where people don’t meet again for a long time.

In online world people can meet more than several in a day. So if you verbally fight online with a person people never forget your fight.

quit blogging

It’s not like an offline fight that is invisible beyond a few yards. It is online fight that is observed by all if you exchange hot words with someone.

Many young and energetic bloggers very arrogantly share any weakness of someone else. Or they reveal any misdeed of their competitor.

They forget people will think if that person can go to that much extent against someone tomorrow he can do the same with them as well. So they remain cautions while dealing with such person.

So never take online world as offline. Here people are much focused and they have huge choices. If your image as a courteous person is lost you can hardly rebuild it.

People have more than so many choices. So they would switch to them. And you would just be trying to come back by sharing so many impressive quotes to show now you are changed.

What to do?

Instead of repenting on what you have done it is better to take advice from any of your mentors before going against someone else. Think several times before going to any extreme against any person.

Also while exchanging hot words online with anyone do remember all your friends are watching you or will watch you after signing into that platform.

Once your image as an unreliable person or un-courteous person is built, you can hardly repair it. It is not because it’s a great sin but now people have ample choice to look at so many others equal to you are quite more than you.

So take these missteps very seriously. Some of them may take you away from blogging goals and you would just be zigzagging on your track.

While some others could badly hit your image and you would just be trying to repair it.

So instead of losing your focus by suffering from these missteps it is better to stay focused and be like one has to be in online world.

Here it is so easy to unmask the wrong and also it is impossible to stop the right. So stay on right track with your full focus and nobody could stop you from becoming a successful blogger.

You can ask any question in comments section if you think you are facing any of these problems or afraid some of them are getting closer to you.

Also if you are facing any other problem that’s stopping you to become a great blogger do share it with me in comments section.

I will try to solve your problem on the basis of my previous five years blogging experience and more than twenty years’ experience of media and conflict management.

Also do you think there are some other missteps that could lead someone to blogging failure? Do share with them and also give your upfront opinion on my points that I shared with you above.

I hope you would share this post on social media with your friends and colleagues. Also you may subscribe to our email list to get the next post directly into your inbox.

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Your 7 Missteps That Will Make You Finally Quit Blogging

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